Tri Nav Meditation:

Celebrating Divine Nights

Every so often there are days and nights that holds special spiritual significance. During these special days\nights the Divine Energy is at the highest peak and more reachable. Even the stars, the planets and earthly objects looses their affect on human beings as the positive cosmic energy is in full force. It is a very special occasion where one get get abundance of blessings, turn their lives around bringing a significant change and enrich their lives with positive cosmic vibrations.

Rudraji’s says God will only allow to tap into the vast cosmic energy ocean during these special nights and bring the Divine cosmic energy from the deep cosmic void into a pot filled with water. During the process one will offer flowers and rice to the pot showing gratitude towards Divine energy and lastly meditate to this form of cosmic energy which is now residing into your pot.

Tri Nav Meditation is focused specially on such three Divine nights –

    1. Maha Shivratri (union of Shiv Shakti)
    2. Navratri (birth of Shakti)
    3. Janmashtami (birth of Shri Krishna)


  • Be open-minded
  • Ready to explore new method & get initiated
  • Appreciate this humble opportunity

Your experience is directly proportional to your faith and dedication to this process and Divine Supreme Energy.

It will be a unique experience. One of its kind. Totally fascinating!


  • After invoking Divine Supreme Energy with an ancient spiritual method offer flowers, sandalwood powder and sweets to show gratitude & unconditional surrender.
  • Perform Mantra chanting and be thankful of Divine’s presence.
  • Meditate through a guided process feeling the warmth and pious presence of the Divine Energy right near and around you.

Disclaimer: Do not perform this meditation technique without guidance of a realized master.

Proceedings received goes towards the preparation and material costs.

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