Om Shiv Shakti (“the oneness of millions & the oneness of supreme“) is a global movement with a vision – to provide Unconditional Love & magnify Brotherhood among all with a strong message of Universal Peace. Our goal is to spread human values, uplift human soul, spiritual awareness and make a positive difference in every human life. Om Shiv Shakti is a non-profit organization status in the State of Texas (501-c3) in the name of “Jai Om Shiv Shakti”. 

Om Shiv Shakti Parivaar (global family) concept was founded by the Divine on December 10th 2009 and was provided to ShivShaktiji to unite the world and spread values of faith and hope. Om Shiv Shakti Parivaar is not a religious organization and focuses on spiritual & humanitarian aspects around the world.

We believe in – “One Humanity and One God”. Being the children of the same mother, we all should grow collectively and attain peace, prosperity, uniformity and happiness without any conflict among us. As we all know the world is split into groups, castes, creeds, race, etc. Hence, in order to inculcate the true spirit of universal brotherhood, it is essential that all barriers erected by different countries and nations be removed. This vision has inspired our Logo.

The oneness of billions & the oneness of supreme – The Supreme is Eternal; Invisible; Omnipresent (Everywhere Present); Omniscient (All Knowing); Omnipotent (All Powerful) – This Supreme appears in different forms as Gods and Angels to sooth humanity according to their will – We need to instill upon this core understanding and emerge as a citizen of this Earth to fulfill our respective destiny.