Jai Shiv Shakti

The Oneness Of millions & The Oneness Of Supreme

We stand for dedication to universal peace & brotherhood across globe. Our objective is to spread human values, uplift human soul, spiritual awareness and actually make a positive difference in every human life through any means or methods. We believe that if a person realizes his/her mistake and surrenders to the Supreme Power then with Guru and Supreme Divine Energy all your sufferings and sorrows could disappear.

We get energy from food, air, water and cosmic energy. When the Cosmic Energy does not go to the heart’s energy center, the heart develops problems like depression. The e-np solution to this is to just keep your hand on the heart and say a prayer. Within a short span of time, there will be some improvement. In this method, we do not take any medicine and take only energy, which is the medicine of the future. The whole of humanity can use this medicine, which is naturally available in abundance in the cosmos. When people keep the hand on the heart, automatically they extract the cosmic energy. It is a pure form of energy and hence called energy of love. Also, you don’t have to pay for it. The mother uses love energy to pat the child. It is available from the almighty to all.